Product Launch

Shippo Tracking API

The Shippo Tracking API allows developers to receive live delivery information using shipment tracking numbers.


    Launch Goals

    We think of the Tracking API as an entry product. This is because the implementation is simple, it can be built independent of existing system, and it has more general consumer appeal

    With that in mind, we decide to launch the product for free – with minimal viable features. Our goal was to:

    1. Get as many users as possible – free was very attractive for both businesses and hobbyists
    2. Learn what users were building – so we can build features based on market feedback
    3. 2º goal: Gain users outside of fulfillment – explore opportunities outside of direct shippers


    Since launch, Shippo acquired many great Tracking API customers such as Trello, Nordstrom via DSCO, and Ipsy. We also improved the product to include more features, and began to charge customers for the use of the API.

    The business development team uses the Tracking API as a fast win, getting prospects give Shippo a try. A great experience with this product opens the door for us to sell deeper into the organization. 

    Tactics Overview